Scholarships, funds, aid for studying abroad are based mainly on consistently high academic merit and overall excellence of profile. Students must apply to a range of colleges as some of the less selective universities will attract them with funding options. Some merit based aid is automatically granted to the outstanding students in the entire applicant pool. Other funding requires separate applications, which may include additional essays. Students must apply according to the deadlines and prescribed format.

Funding options are extremely competitive with students from around the world vying for the limited funds. Therefore, in addition to strong and consistent academic records, students need to differentiate their application with evidence to show outstanding contributions to the community, leadership, initiative, innovation and enterprise. Let us help you apply for scholarships and bursaries to complete your dream of studying abroad.

Funds and aid for studying abroad

Merit based assistance is awarded in many forms, from tuition waivers, various types of assistantships, to fellowships. The most common are:

1. Tuition Waiver: This means that the student does not have to pay the tuition fees at the university. However, general fees (for the use of university facilities like the library, computers, and sports and health services) usually have to be borne by the student. A tuition waiver is frequently awarded in conjunction with a scholarship or teaching/research assistantship.

2. Scholarship / Fellowship: This is usually an outright grant based on the student’s academic ability and performance. Hence, only a truly outstanding student may be considered for this type of award, before enrolling at the university. A full scholarship would pay for a student’s entire living expenses at that university, whereas a partial scholarship would require additional funds to cover part of the tuition and living expenses from the student.

3. Assistantship: Most students who receive assistance usually do so in the form of an assistantship, i.e. a cash stipend sufficient for their living expenses, and/or tuition waiver. This may vary from 10%, 30% to 50% of the tuition fees. At some universities, students may get assistantship after the first semester based on academic performance there and involvement with the ongoing research in the department. Teaching and Research Assistantship usually involves work for 20 hours per week. Teaching assistantships are more likely to be in universities, which have large undergraduate classes whereas research assistantships tend to be more common in those fields and universities in which considerable research is in progress. Many universities grant this only after the first semester. Evidence of fluency in English, relevant research or experience, increases the probability of assistantship.

Scholarships interviews cover a wide range of subjects as the giver wishes to ascertain the overall merit of your profile. You must be ready for questions on all fronts. One part will be academic, as the primary function of a scholarship is to encourage intelligent and talented students to progress to higher education in their discipline. This section is your forum to highlight academic achievements, to prove you have great scholastic potential. The second part usually includes questions on how you will use your education to benefit the community. Here, you can speak about future career plans of coming back to India for work and for community service. If you can give past evidence of engagement with community service projects, it will strengthen your case as it shows you are genuine about your commitment to using education to make a difference. A small part is conversation related to general affairs. Reading the newspaper and being aware of current issues in your area of study will help you tackle this section. Remember, only the best and the brightest get scholarships, so excelling on all fronts is the key to success.


Research and teaching Assistantship is the more common form of aid.
Many Liberal Arts institutes offer a financial aid package to international students based on the declared family income and the amount the family is willing to contribute towards the total cost of attending university.

United Kingdom

Each university offers its own aid package which may vary from a 1000 GBP bursary to 50% of tuition fees. Post graduate programs have more funds. The Commonwealth Scholarship, Fellowship Plan, the Royal Society Fellowships, the Fulbright Scholarship Scheme, the British Marshall Scholarships, the Rhodes Scholarships, the Churchill Scholarships, and the Confederation of British Industry Scholarships, Felix scholarship . There is also an Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, for students with outstanding research potential. In addition each university offers a range of funding amounts for specific departments and courses.


The University of Toronto and University of York offer merit Scholarships which cover from 25%, 50% to the full cost of tuition. The award is renewable throughout a student’s four-year undergraduate program.

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan
Awards comprise of travel, a living allowance, and all compulsory tuition fees. Check Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan.

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute offers a number of fellowships at various levels from graduate to post-doctorate and from research and training fellowships to lectureships.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Programme scholarships are available to graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines. Students must have been accepted to a Ontario university, and obtained a valid student authorization. Social Science and Humanities Research Council is Canada’s funding agency for university based research and graduate training in social sciences and humanities which embrace a wide range of disciplines and fields of knowledge.


National Science and Engineering Research Council is a national instrument for making strategic investments in Canada’s capability in science and technology. NSERC supports both basic university research through research grants and project research via partnerships of universities and industry.

National Research Council of Canada Research Associateships are offered to masters degree holders in engineering, and Ph.D. holders in natural science or engineering disciplines.

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarships

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarships are available to those studying in Quebec. Teaching / Research Assistantships are assessed in the general application. Full funding, tuition and expenses, is more common at higher levels of studies, however, each application is assessed individually on the basis of merit.
Australia: Each university has its own research funds and you will know the amount given only after you have been accepted for research by the department. StudyAdelaide understands that not every student can afford to pay full fees for their education. So every year South Australian institutions offer more than AUD$3 million worth of scholarships to international students. Universities and vocational education providers offer a full range of scholarships so investigate the links below to discover which one is right.

Australia Development Scholarships

ADS gives people who have the necessary skills, knowledge and drive, opportunities to influence development in their own country. This is done by gaining tertiary qualifications at contributing Australian institutions. ADS programs aim to add to the long-term development needs of Australia’s partner countries to promote good governance, economic.

Other scholarships have to applied from your home country and not in Australia :
Development Bank, United Nations, Rockefeller Foundation, The Association of Commonwealth Universities website provides a scholarships guide for Commonwealth postgraduate students offered by Governments, Rotary International, World Bank, World Health Organization.

GrantSearch Australia
GrantSearch Australia offers customized keyword searches of a database containing over 1,400 grants, scholarships, fellowships and awards available in Australia. The cost is AUD45 + AUD5 postage (approximately US$40).

Singapore Scholarships

A tuition subsidy, up to 75% of the tuition fee from the Government of Singapore comes in the form of a tuition grant in return for a bond to work in Singapore for three years.

ASEAN Scholarships

The ASEAN Scholarships aim to provide the young people of Asean with opportunities to develop their potential and training them in the skills that will enable them to step confidently into the new millennium.

SIA Youth Scholarships

The SIA Youth Scholarships is offered by Singapore Airlines to outstanding students (completing Standard 10 in the year of application) in India for entry at Pre-University 1 in junior colleges in Singapore.

A*Star India Youth Scholarships

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Singapore) Scholarships is offered to outstanding students (completing Standard 8 in the year of application) in India for studies at Secondary 3 in secondary schools in Singapore which offers high education standards and rich opportunities for research and higher learning.

Hong Kong Scholarships & Awards

The Hong Kong Scholarships & Awards provides outstanding Hong Kong students with the opportunity for studies in Singapore.

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