New specializations that an MBA students can aspire to do abroad

eduabroad   December 27, 2017

MBA in Social Entrepreneurship is the latest offering at most management schools around the world. This is in keeping with the new trend of attracting the best professionals to work in the field of community development. Commercial enterprises are willing to work for the welfare of the community while earning a reasonable profit.

The huge scope of work in view of the CSR law passed by the Indian government.Top corporate is willing to hire trained professionals to make sure that the money invested is utilized for maximum benefit.

MBA in Operations, or Logistics and Supply Chain Management is gaining in importance as the scale of work is increasing in all sectors. In view of the boom in online consumer portals like Flipkart, Amazon, Snap deals, the demand for experts in logistics has grown exponentially. High employment in real estate and infrastructure development, large retail chains, shipping, warehousing and courier services.
MBA in Technology Management is a business education deeply imbued with the needs of the digital economy, preparing students to use technology and innovation to meet the competitive landscape worldwide. Career Paths in Business Analytics, Product Management, and Development.

By Dr. Pratibha Jain

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