Managing Money

eduabroad   December 27, 2017

The devaluation of the rupee has rocked the budget of students going abroad for higher education. Hence, money management becomes more critical than ever before.Students may stretch the pound or the dollar that ‘extra mile’ by making an exhaustive list of expenses and needs, so that wise planning leads to a more efficient use of resources.

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Pitfalls of studying in different countries

eduabroad   December 27, 2017

Each country has its unique culture or protocol which takes time to adjust and to adapt. Pitfalls that students must avoid is ticking only with the group of Indians. Join societies on campus to make friends with people from other nationalities will help you fit in and is one of the primary reasons for studying abroad.

Take a balanced academic workload as self-study forms a large part of the schedule. The application-based study is the highlight of most international systems. This requires you to be disciplined and regular in everyday academic work, reading the references given to you. In the first semester if there is a choice, take familiar courses and do not try to be very ambitious. Once you have understood the system, only then venture into exploring different subjects or the more challenging ones.

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